fororchardadThinking of selling your property and want to find out what it would fetch? Heading overseas and want to let your home? The Orchard online valuation tool allows you to get a free valuation of your property in 60 seconds, by simply entering your address. Head over to the Orchard homepage and click the green valuation banner at the top of the page. Follow the simple on-screen questions to get your valuation. It is very quick and easy.

Sales Valuation

Your sales valuation will show a lower, online, and upper figure. These figures are based on the current housing price trends in your district, and you will also be able to see how properties in your area sold in the previous years.

Lettings Valuation

Similarly, you can get a rental valuation for your property. The process is exactly the same as getting a sales valuation and you will receive a lower, upper, and online figure shown as pcm (per calendar month).