Bill Byrne

Sales Support
01252 788104

Bill offers sales support to our busy residential offices.

He has worked for Bridges for over 15 years and has worked in a variety of offices.  He is consistently successful in marrying clients to suitable properties. If you were wondering if he could make a difference please call to find out!

It is a positive experience to work for Bridges. I started with the company in 2004 and found it an enjoyable and varied environment where hard work is expected and rewarded. No two days are the same although the objective to sell remains. We regularly surpass and outperform our competitors and provide the best level of service to our clients. If you are reading this and wondering if I could make a difference, please call me to find out.

  • Lives in Farnborough
  • Bridges debut 23.08.2004
Supporting your every move since 2006.